It is essential for Autism NT member stories to be heard by the wider community as they can guide and inspire others. Hearing your personal accounts will assist new members and others to develop a better understanding of what it is like to live with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), either as a person diagnosed with ASD, as a carer, or as a friend. Help us make a positive difference for our members by educating the community on ASD and advocating for much-needed services by sharing your experiences.

Therapeutic storytelling can provide a powerful tool for Autism NT members to explore how they feel regarding their ASD journey including aspects of personal growth or challenges. Members will be offered a space to share their stories in a safe environment with an interviewer that has experience living and working with persons with ASD.

For individuals and families that are newly diagnosed, these stories can be motivational, exploratory, and empowering. They will gain a better understanding of experiences that they might encounter, what resources are available, and important knowledge that there are others walking on their path.

With your permission, stories will be recorded by our interviewers and collated into a booklet or published online. Alternatively, you can send us a creative expression of what ASD means to you. We would love to represent the diversity of our members. We will always seek your consent to use your story. Your identity can be kept completely confidential if you prefer

The best person to tell us your story is you, so why not share it with us? It will be a meaningful contribution that will be valued, cherished, and treated with respect.

Autism NT would like to acknowledge Northern Territory Government Community Benefits Fund that has enabled us to run this project.