1. Diagnosis
  2. How to get a diagnosis
  3. Co-Morbid Diagnosis
  4. Should You Tell Your Child about Their Diagnosis?
  5. Causes of Autism Spectrum Disorder
  6. Autism Spectrum Disorder Traits
  7. How might you react to this new diagnosis
  8. Available Support – Get Your Team Together
  9. Treatments & Therapies
  10. Early Intervention
  11. Dare to Dream – The Age 25 Exercise
  12. Carer Support
  13. Taking care of yourself
  14. Financial Assistance Available
  15. Behaviour Management
  16. Safety Tips
  17. Famous People with Autism Spectrum Disorder


Autism NT would like to sincerely thank and acknowledge:

  • Northern Territory Department of Health for providing the funding to produce this document for our members.
  • AMAZE for their generosity in sharing their vast resources.
  • Raising Children for kindly allowing us to source information on diagnosis and therapies from their website.
  • Debby Mauger and team for all the hours preparing this book.